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My doctoral research is concerned with European citizens’ social rights. The research explores migrating EU citizens’ access to welfare in practice and focuses specifically at the local level where many rights are administered and where any pressures from European freedom of movement in terms of welfare access are likely to be most strongly felt. It compares this across four cities in the member states of Germany and Sweden, where data is collected primarily through interviews with local stakeholders. I am also working on a project funded by the European Commission (bEUcitizen) that aims at identifying obstacles that EU citizens encounter in the exercise of their citizenship (social) rights.

My studies at Oxford are made possible by an ESRC award and a Scatcherd European Scholarship.

Before joining the department I completed a BSc in Politics at Uppsala University and an MSc in Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics, and worked for the Centre of Buisness and Policy Studies in Stockholm.

Cecilia Bruzelius's key areas of research focus are (click to expand):

Being EU Citizens: Experiences of excercising social rights in the UK
Europe Unbound: geopolitics, economics, and communication. http://www.politics.ox.ac.uk/research-projects/europe-unbound-geopolitics-economics-and-communication.html