Jenny Burton

Jenny Burton

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Research Fellow

Jenny studied Psychology with the Open University.

She had worked for the University of Oxford prior to gaining her degree and has been fortunate to be involved in a number of different research studies, including herpresent work on the possible benefits to under-achieving readers of an Omega 3 supplement  with Professor Paul Montgomery and Dr Alex Richardson. 

She also worked with Professor Frances Gardner for ten years, both in this Department on three separate Parenting studies, and previously in the Department of Child Psychiatry. 

 She was previously a Research Assistant with Professor Chris Fairburn in the Department of Psychiatry for ten years, carrying out a number of studies on Eating Disorders. 

She has been involved in carrying out two systematic reviews.

 She considers herself to have 'all round' research experience and is always happy to share her many years(!)  of research experience with others within the Department


Jenny's  research focusses on Trial Co-Ordination of the DOLAB II Study.  She operationalises a large Randomised Controlled Study looking at the benefits to reading and behaviour of Omega 3 supplementation  in mainstream primary schools.  She is responsible for recruitment of both schools and children into this study. She is also she is very involved in field work in schools and the preliminary analysis of trial data.