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Sylvie Dubuc

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Senior Research Fellow

Sylvie joined the Department of Social Policy and Intervention in 2006. She is senior research fellow in Population Studies. She was previously a lecturer at the French universities of Pau and La Reunion, and at King’s College London where she taught quantitative methods in social science, migration and urbanisation. Trained as a human geographer, Sylvie holds a PhD from Paris-Sorbonne University and a Master in Geographical Information Management from the University of Cranfield. She has a strong interest and experience in multi-disciplinary work and multi-scale analyses of population dynamics, reproductive choices and behaviours, gender and social inequalities, the role of cultural contexts and policy. Sylvie serves on the Research Grant Evaluation Board of the ESRC (since 2010) and acts as an international expert for the Belgium Research Council. She is a fellow of the British Royal Geographical Society, a council member of the British Society of Population Studies (2010-2014) and served for five years on the DSPI Research Ethic Committee. She is a visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technology and Health at the University of Sussex


As a postdoc, Sylvie carried out two research projects in India, analysing the impact of demographic dynamics and human practices on the environment and urban population growth. Since in Oxford, Sylvie has developed and led independent research streams in fertility and migration, reproductive health and son preference, family choices in link with gender and social inequalities. Sylvie has a strong expertise on the topic of son preference (Wellcome Trust and Nuffield Foundation Awards ), including work on demographic manifestation of son preference and associated factors, the links between fertility transition, son preference and sex-selection, modelisation, prenatal sex-selection in the UK, the causes and the ethical, social and policy implications of sex-selection against females. She has also been working extensively on fertility and education of immigrant women and ethnic groups (ESRC, British Academy and John Fell Awards, PI) and how fertility, education, ethnicity and migrant status interact and link to intergenerational social mobility processes.

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  • DUBUC S. (forthcoming, 2017) ‘Fertility and Migration’ Entry/Chapter in, Encyclopedia of Migration. Edited by F. Bean, S. Brown. Springer. 
  • DUBUC S. (in press) ‘Immigrants and ethnic fertility convergence in the UK: the role of global fertility transition and intergenerational social integration’ invited book chapter in Changing population of Britain, edited by Tony Champion and Jane Falkingham. Rowan Littlefield International Editions.
  • DUBUC S. (2012) ‘Immigration from high fertility countries: Intergenerational adaptation and fertility convergence in the UK, Population and Development Review, 38(2):353-368.
  • COLEMAN D. and S. DUBUC (2010) ‘The fertility of ethnic minority populations in the United Kingdom, 1960s – 2006’ Population Studies. Vol 64, No 1. 19-41
  • DUBUC S. and J. HASKEY (2010) ‘Fertility and Ethnicity in the UK: recent trends’ in Understanding Population trends and Processes, Volume 3: Ethnicity and Integration (J. Stilwell and M. van Ham eds., Springer) Chap 4.
  • DUBUC S. (2009) ‘Application of the own-children method for estimating fertility by ethnic and religious groups in the UK’, Journal of Population Research, Vol 26, No 3. 207-225.
  • DUBUC S. and D. COLEMAN (2007) ‘An increase in the sex ratio of births to India-born mothers in England and Wales: evidence for sex-selective abortion’ Population and Development Review 33, 2, pp 383-400

Selected reports

  • DUBUC S. (2015)  Prenatal sex-selection against females: evidences, causes and implications. Nuffield Foundation Workshop report, 20 p.

Selected recent presentations, workshops and seminars:

  • DUBUC S. (Jan 2016) Préférence pour les garçons et sexe-sélection : causes, implications et féminisme. Special seminar, Université des femmes, Bruxelles (to be published in Pensées Feministes
  • DUBUC S. (2015) 'Fertility and Education of Chinese and Indian immigrant women and their daughters: a success story of social mobility?' VID conference on Education and reproduction in low-fertility settings, Vienna, Dec 2015.
  • Panel member, ronde table: 'Categorisations of ethnicity in censuses and surveys and implications for research', British Society for Poulation Studies conference, Sept 2015, Leeds. 
  • DUBUC S. and A-M JEANNET (2015) ‘An emerging fertility pattern in London? An adaptation of a shift-share analysis.’ presentation at the British Society for Population Studies annual conference, Leeds, 7-9 Sept.
  • DUBUC S. (2014, Nov) ‘Evidencing and evaluating the implications of prenatal sex-selection against females and how to engage stakeholders.’ Invited speaker, Workshop ‘Global reproductive health and abortion’. University of Sussex, 13th Nov 2014.
  • DUBUC S. (2014, Oct) Plenary talk: International workshop ‘Son preference and prenatal sex-selection against females: evidences, causes and implications’, 3 October 2014 (London, Nuffield Foundation).
  • DUBUC S. (2014, Oct), Evidence of son preference and sex-selection: what it means for Asia and the Asian Diasporas’, research paper at the workshop ‘Son preference and prenatal sex-selection against females: evidences, causes and implications’, 3 Oct. 2014 (London, Nuffield Foundation).
  • DUBUC S. (2014) ‘Son preference and sex-selection’ Invited speaker at the Conference ‘Faith, Culture, Gender and Violence’, University of Birmingham, International Women’s Day 2014.
  • DUBUC S. (2014) ‘Son preference, fertility decline and sex-selection’, Demography and Development seminar series, Institute of Population Ageing, Feb 2014.
  • DUBUC S. and D. SIVIA (2014): Son preference and prenatal sex selection: the impact of fertility decline on gender imbalances, Paper at PAA conference, Boston, Mai.
  • DUBUC S. and L. WALLER (2014) ‘Ethnic minorities integration processes: Reproductive choices and education of immigrant and second generation women in the UK.’ Paper at PAA conference, Boston, 1-3 Mai 2014.

Previous Students

Ms. Jenny Mason. Master thesis: ‘Child poverty among low income lone mother households and other households in UK and Canada: Government policy and child poverty rates’ (2010-2011) 

Ms. Nan Zhang. Master thesis: ‘Reforms of Beijing elderly care. What we can learn from Japan’. (20112012)