Ms. Hamsa Rajan

Hamsa Rajan

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DPhil candidate

I research domestic violence in the Tibetan communities of Qinghai province, China.  My work looks at household gender dynamics; individual, community, and official responses to abuse; changes over time in Tibetan women’s status; the activities and views of both Tibetan officials and women's empowerment activists; and the question of how and whether theories arising primarily from Western country contexts can be relevant to the experience of family abuse in Tibetan regions and other non-Western settings.  

In the past, I have worked on gender awareness trainings for the World Health Organization, as a gender-based violence consultant, on public health projects in rural Tibetan villages, as a document and documentary translator for a Chinese NGO aiding orphans, and as a fundraiser for poverty alleviation in impoverished Tibetan communities.  I have also volunteered in domestic violence services, and have acted as a guest lecturer teaching Gender Studies to Tibetan university students. 

In the future, I plan to continue with research and advocacy work around the topic of gender inequity in Tibetan areas.