Dr Stephanie Thomson

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Stephanie joined the department as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in October 2015.  Her current work focusses on how secondary schools in England are deemed similar to one another in official discourses and the development of an alternative, typological account.

Prior to this, she was a Research Associate at the University of Manchester working on the Social Policy in a Cold Climate (SPCC) research programme (led by PI Ruth Lupton).  Stephanie contributed to the assessment of the changes in educational policy (both for school-age children and those post-16) and the associated effects.  

Her ESRC-funded doctoral work explored how parents helped their children with primary-school mathematics.  As part of this work, she used a case-based method – Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) – to assess whether particular configurations of child-level factors and parental help led to high achievement in mathematics.  Her interest in methods has been sustained since then and she has worked on projects exploring the usefulness of QCA for analysing survey data, how to improve quantitative methods teaching for social science undergraduates and creating teaching materials for ‘Core Mathematics’.