Alexa Yakubovich

Alexa Yakubovich

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DPhil student

Alexa Yakubovich is a Rhodes Scholar and CIHR-funded researcher currently completing her doctorate in Social Intervention. She previously earned a MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention (with Distinction) at Oxford and a BA (Honours) in Psychology (University Gold Medalist) at the University of Manitoba.

Alexa is broadly interested in investigating the social, economic, and psychological determinants of health and well-being among marginalised populations and developing and evaluating ameliorative programmes. Her previous work has included investigating strategies to increase public support for improved water and sanitation services for First Nations communities in Canada and examining the effects of social interventions (including social protection, community-based organisations, and a parenting programme) on HIV-affected children in South Africa.

Alexa's doctorate will explore whether and how community and structural disadvantages increase the risk of intimate partner violence (IPV) against women. To carry out this work, she is conducting a global systematic review of the risk and protective factors for IPV as well as quantitative empirical work.