Putu Natih

Putu is a DPhil student in Social Policy who works on poverty measurement in Indonesia. Her DPhil thesis is supervised by Dr Erzsebet Bukodi (previously co-supervised with Dr Stuart Gietel-Basten). Prior to the DPhil Putu completed an MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford University’s Department of International Development and an undergraduate degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Putu was awarded a full scholarship from the Jardine Foundation for her MPhil and was also awarded a full scholarship for her DPhil by the Jardine-Oxford scholarship fund. Other than research on poverty measurement, Putu has also worked on various research projects on disaster mitigation, micro-finance, banking and monetary policy. Putu is a member of Trinity College (Putu’s profile on the Trinity College website: https://www.trinity.ox.ac.uk/postgraduate-study/postgraduate-profiles/). In her spare time Putu enjoys Balinese traditional dancing and playing the gamelan.

Academic publications

Natih, P. G. L. (2015). Technical Efficiency Levels of BPRs in West Java: A Stochastic Frontier Approach. Economics and Finance in Indonesia, 61(3), 223-240.

Isfandiarni, I., Machmud, T.M. Z., Natih, P. G. L. (2016). Panglima Laot: The Traditional Institute of the Fishing Community and Maritime Customs. The Institute for Economic and Social Research Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia.


Selected published newspaper articles

Natih, P.G.L. (2018, March 5). Women's Day: Build on traditions to empower the nation, The Jakarta Post

Natih, P. G. L. (2017, November 10). National Heroes Day Reflection on Freedom from Poverty, The Jakarta Post.

Natih, P. G. L. (2014, December 23). Lest We Forget: Survival, Alertness of Future Disasters, The Jakarta Post.

Natih, P. G. L. (2013, December 22). Mother's Day Thoughts on Mandela and Malala, The Jakarta Post.

Natih, P. G. L. (2012, April). The Relevance of Ibu Kartini's Letters to Our Nation's Economy, The Jakarta Post.

Natih, P. G. L. (2011, April). Kartini Spreads Religion of Love to the World, The Jakarta Post.

Natih, P. G. L. (2010, April 18). Student Brainstorming: The Harvard Way, The Jakarta Post.

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2014, Jardine-Oxford DPhil Scholarship

2013, Jardine Foundation, Fieldwork Grant

2012, Jardine MPhil Scholarship

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