Stephanie Odiase

Stephanie is a MSc Candidate in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. She received her BA (hons) in Psychology from Columbia University.

Prior to studying at Oxford, she conducted research at the Global TIES for Children Center at New York University. In tandem with the World Bank’s Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund, her team developed a measurement inventory of assessments of learning, development, and relevant settings for children in middle childhood to early adolescence in LAMICs. This research project was recently accepted at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting 2017. She also worked concurrently at the Institute for Human Development and Social Change at NYU. As a Junior Research Scientist on a longitudinal qualitative study, Stephanie interviewed working-class mothers in New York City about the impact of social services on childcare and employment opportunities.

Stephanie’s primary research interests are in trauma and psycho-social interventions for ethnic children and families, which stem from her undergraduate research experience. She conducted graduate-level research on developmental psycholinguistics at University College London. Her work analyzed the importance of mother-child dyads on language formation within the first two years of life. Furthermore, her research on resilience-based interventions for Native American schoolchildren has been reviewed by officials at the Bureau of Indian Education in the hopes of influencing education policy reform.

At Oxford, Stephanie is a St. Antony’s student body government committee member and a VP on the Green Templeton Ball Committee. Most importantly, she is working diligently to cofound the university’s first society for women of African diasporic descent.

To learn more about Stephanie's background, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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