Taehwan Kim

My current study aims to discuss institutional implications by comparing and analyzing the unemployment security policies, which is an institutional combination of unemployment insurance, unemployment assistance, and social assistance, for major OECD countries. After de-industrialization, the unemployment security policies in major welfare countries has undergone many changes. Therefore, the study examines the legal provisions and policy status of the unemployment security policies in I submit a one-page outline of my planned thesis and a photo of myself.major welfare countries. Based on this, each country's unemployment security policies is categorized based on the generosity of legal coverage, the generosity of the benefit period, and the appropriateness of the benefit level. The analysis will reveal the similarities and differences between the welfare state regimes of social security policies for the unemployed in each country. This study will contribute to theoretical discussions by conducting a comparative study of unemployment security policies across countries. It will also contribute to empirical discussions by providing policy implications for the limitations of each country's unemployment security policies.

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