Dr Yizhang Zhao

Yizhang joined the department in September 2017. She is currently working as a postdoctoral research officer on a project called 'Primary and Secondary Effects of Social Origins on Educational Attainment: A New Approach'. The project is headed by Erzsebet Bukodi (PI), with John Goldthorpe and Bastian Betthaeuser also part of the research team. 

Prior to this, Yizhang completed her PhD in Social Statistics at the University of Manchester. Her doctoral thesis is entitled 'Social Stratification of Health and Well-being in a Transitional Society--Evidence from Contemporary China'. The research examined how social class mobility in inter- and intra-generational mobility trajectories affects people's health and well-being, how the effect varies across different institutional settings and how the individual-level findings change in a rapid social transition process. 

Yizhang's broad research interests include social stratification and mobility, social determinants of inequalities in health and well-being, and the interaction between individual life and social changes. Particularly, she is interested in examining how different dimensions of social inequality affect people’s life chances and their welfare, and how the influence changes over time and across space in different social contexts. 

Gugushvili, A., Zhao, Y. and Bukodi, E. Intergenerational Educational Mobility and Psychological Distress in Europe. Social Science & Medicine. Accepted/In press.

Zhao, Y. and Li, Y. Differential Acculturation: A Study of Well-Being Differences in Intergenerational Social Mobility between Rural and Urban China. Sociology (Accepted/In press)

Li, Y. and Zhao, Y. (2017). Double Disadvantages: A Study of Ethnic and Hukou Effects on Class Mobility in China (1996–2014). Social Inclusion, 5(1), 5-19.

Zhao, Y., Li, Y., Heath, A. and Shryane, N. (2017). Inter- and Intra-Generational Social Mobility Effects on Subjective Well-Being - Evidence from Mainland China. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 48, 54-66.

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