Yuxi Zhang

Yuxi Zhang is a DPhil student in Social Policy and a member of Green Templeton College. She received her MSc degree in Comparative Social Policy from this department.

Yuxi’s DPhil project investigates the changes to the health care system in China and the role of politics in this process. Her other research fields include labour market economics, demography, pension, housing and other social policies in China and other East Asian societies. She is particularly interested in the cross-national comparative study of political economy. Her research utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods.

She has presented in some prestigious international conferences, including the annual conference held by the Society for the Advancement of Social-Economics, the Asian Population Association and the European Network for Social Policy Analysis.

Yuxi has received various scholarships such as the China Scholarship, the Santander Travel Awards, the SPI Department Student Support Fund and the GTC Competitive Conference and Fieldwork Fund. In 2017, she was awarded a visiting scholarship by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Yuxi has actively involved in organising academic events for fellow research students, such as the Department Graduate Research Conference. She is also undertaking the role of the tutor of the Social Policy course for Oxford PPE undergraduate students. 

Yuxi is supervised by Dr Marek Naczyk and was previously supervised by Dr Stuart Basten.

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