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Public health interventions have wrought some of the most significant improvements in health and well-being over the past hundred years, including advances in the life expectancy of people globally. CEBI researchers are at the forefront of research into a range of public health issues, one of our largest programmes of research being on HIV/AIDS. Current work includes a major study of adolescent adherence to antiretroviral medication in South Africa, in addition to research on positive prevention and sexual and reproductive health.

Other public health issues being researched include effective methods of addressing alcohol and drug misuse, and public mental health with a specific focus on the effectiveness of school-based programmes, and the identification of strategies and programmes aimed at improving educators’ interactions with school children.

We are also undertaking research focused on increasing our understanding about how aspects of the built and social environment can be changed to help improve health and well-being, and reduce social and physical harms, incuding the effects of large-scale environmental or social policy interventions.


a. HIV

b. Alcohol and drug misuse

c. Mental health

d. Food deserts

e. Physical inactivity

f. Built environment

Professor Jane Barlow

Convenor: Jane Barlow

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