Project Details

Research Cluster: 
Start Date: 01.05.2013
End Date: 31.12.2013

Building empirical evidence to further the children affected by HIV and AIDS care and support agenda for the region

DSPI Principal Investigator: Professor Lucie Cluver
Funded by: RIATT

Project Description

This proposed analysis addresses RIATT objective 1: to establish the role of family HIV and AIDS, including orphanhood, on children’s vulnerability to multiple developmental outcomes. It also identifies pathways by which familial HIV and AIDS impacts child outcomes. It uses a new dataset of 6002 children in South Africa (aged between 10 and 17) that is able to distinguish between AIDS-orphaned, other-orphaned and non-orphaned children, as well as children with primary caregivers who are AIDS-ill, have other chronic illnesses or are healthy. It will use a structural equation modeling approach to develop an empirically-based model of interactive relationships: between parental HIV/AIDS, AIDS-orphanhood and predicted intervening factors associated with three key developmental outcomes: 1) children’s psychological distress; 2) educational access and 3) sexual health. By identifying modifiable pathways of risk – and resilience – this research identifies key areas of focus for interventions with AIDS-affected children.