Project Details

Research Cluster: OISP
Start Date: 19.06.2012
End Date: 30.11.2014

Child poverty in Oman

DSPI Principal Investigator: Mr David McLennan
Funded by: UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Em

Project Description

In collaboration with the Government of Oman, UNICEF Oman is keen to explore the possibility of producing a sub-regional Child Development Index (CDI). The CDI would be used to inform policy decisions and service delivery in order to enhance child well-being.

A two-stage research project is recommended. The first stage will entail a review of available data sources and geographies, meetings with key stakeholders and key data owners, and production of a document setting out options on recommended approaches to constructing the CDI(s). The second phase will entail the construction of the CDI(s) and analysis of results.

This project from the Centre for the Analysis of South African Social Policy (CASASP) relates to the first stage of the project.

Phase 1 is essentially a feasibility/scoping study to inform Phase 2. A key component of Phase 1 is an initial assessment of potential data sources available for use in the CDI(s).

The primary output from Phase 1 will be a report containing recommendations on how the CDI(s) mightbest be constructed. These recommendations will cover both conceptual and methodological issues. For example, recommendations will be made on the dimensions of wellbeing and component indicators to include, the most suitable geography on which to build the CDI(s), and possible analyses to undertake on the CDI(s).