Project Details

Research Cluster: CEBI
Start Date: 01.10.2011
End Date: 06.04.2014

Development of an AIDS-related child abuse prevention programme

DSPI Principal Investigator: Professor Lucie Cluver
Funded by: John Fell OUP Fund

The overarching goal of this proposal is to catalyse and facilitate an innovative and interdisciplinary programme of research at Oxford University into the prevention of child abuse in the context of HIV/AIDS. This builds on the success of the Fell-funded Centre for AIDS Interdisciplinary Research at Oxford (CAIRO), and will attract external research funding and support research in both social and medical science at Oxford. As CAIRO is an intrinsically interdisciplinary centre, this will include staff and students from the Departments of Social Policy and Intervention, Public Health, and Psychiatry. This groundbreaking research has the potential to change the fields of both child abuse research and child HIV/AIDS prevention in the developing world. Furthermore, this research has strong implications for policy and programming, of key relevance to the Research Excellence Framework. Already well-established networks of dissemination to governments, major NGOs and communities will be utilised to ensure that findings make a key impact on the development of child abuse prevention and protection services. This proposal includes two linked studies. Together these would provide both epidemiological information on auses of child abuse, and pilot data from an intervention to prevent child abuse in Southern Africa.