Project Details

Research Cluster: OISP
Start Date: 01.08.2012
End Date: 31.10.2013

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Social inclusion and participation in rich democracies: an empirical analysis through the lens of citizenship

DSPI Principal Investigator: Professor Martin Seeleib-Kaiser
Funded by: John Fell OUP Fund

This project is financed by the John Fell OUP Research Fund and has the key objective of exploring the appropriateness of datasets to analyse the conditions of insiders and outsiders through the lens of citizenship. Using international comparative and national datasets we investigated to what extent labour market insecurity/outsiderness contributes to low political and social participation. The objectives of the project are: (a) to develop the project to such a level as to be in a position of effectively seeking external funding, and; (b) to enhance the development of an early career researcher. The empirical work conducted during the project led to a larger successful grant application for the project: Strategic Transition for Youth Labour in Europe (STYLE), financed by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

Project Team: Emanuele Ferragina, Joseph Feyertag, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser.

Related Publications

  • Emmenegger, Patrick; Häusermann, Silja; Palier, Bruno; Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin (2013) "Structural change and the politics of dualization", Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia : 2 201-226