Social inequality and poverty

Childhood poverty continues to be a significant predictor of poor outcomes across all domains of development (i.e. physical; psychological; cognitive) with evidence of adverse effects as early as two years of age. Recent research shows that childhood poverty has increased in the UK over the last decade with over a quarter of UK children living in such circumstances. Globally, around one-fifth of children in low income countries live in extreme poverty, are malnourished, and experience significant morbidity and mortality.

CEBI researchers are conducting research both internationally and nationally to address some of these problems. Examples of such research include the use of natural experiments to understand whether poverty reduction policies affect health and alters health inequalities, and the impact of austerity policies on health in Europe and North America.



a. Political economy of health

b. Cultural politics of class

c. Health and well-being

d. Social identity

e. Food banks

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