Barnett Scholarship

The Department is offering the Barnett Scholarship at £25,000 a year for three years (or two years for an MPhil candidate applying for two year DPhil study). The scholarship is open to all students applying for a DPhil (both new students and those already in the department studying for an MSc or MPhil), and is awarded on the basis of academic merit, assessed on both academic track record and potential.

All students that apply by the January deadline are considered for the Barnett Scholarship. There is no separate application form for this scholarship.

The award will be paid at the start of each year. In second and subsequent years of the award, payment is dependent upon the quality of the successful applicant’s work and contribution to the department during the preceding term. In this context ‘contribution’ will include such activities as actively participating in seminars run by the department.

The creation of the Barnett Scholarship has been made possible through donations, and we are grateful to all donors that have supported the Department and its students in this way.

The first Barnett Scholar is Selcuk Beduk. He comments on his background and research here.

If you require further information please email scholarships(at) or telephone 0044 (0)1865 270326.