Doctoral Scholarships

Graduate scholarships for students wishing to pursue DPhil studies

The Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford is offering graduate scholarships for students wishing to pursue doctoral studies in an international and interdisciplinary centre of excellence in (comparative) social policy as well as social intervention and evaluation research.

We are conducting cutting-edge research in a wide range of areas. Our research portfolio is organised in two clusters: Oxford Institute of Social Policy (OISP) and Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention (CEBI)

  • OISP is inviting DPhil proposals in the following areas: family and family policies; educational inequalities and educational policies; labour market policies; poverty, social inequalities and social mobility; social policy in developing countries; policies of social protection; welfare state change in comparative perspective as well as politics of social policy in rich democracies.
  • CEBI is inviting DPhil proposals in the following areas: evaluation methodology in social intervention; alcohol and drug misuse; child mental health; antisocial behaviour in children and youth; parenting and family interventions; sleep problems and cross-cultural adaptation of interventions.

We offer doctoral students a unique graduate programme tailored to their individual needs. Our doctoral students are supervised and supported by internationally renowned academics. In addition, we offer a large and diverse range of seminars, workshops and advanced training opportunities in order to further enhance postgraduate research experience. Most of our doctoral students find jobs in leading research universities, international organisations or government departments.

We invite applications from outstanding graduates in Demography, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Policy and Social Work and Sociology, or closely related fields. We are interested in candidates with proposals in the areas of our research expertise and interest. You can learn more about our supervisory expertise here:

The Department offered the following scholarships for admission in 2017:


In addition we are able to submit a number of nominations for consideration by the DTP open competition panel for ESRC-studentships for Masters-to-DPhil or DPhil programmes.

All applicants that apply by the January 2018 deadline will also be considered for the University’s flagship Clarendon Scholarship Fund. The department also has access to additional pooled ESRC scholarships.
For information about the various scholarships and details of how to apply, visit our Funding pages.

For enquiries, please contact: scholarships(at)