George and Teresa Smith Awards

Every year the department presents the George and Teresa Smith Awards to acknowledge academic achievement on the Comparative Social Policy and Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation courses. The Awards were launched in 2010, the brainchild of five former students wishing to thank the department for the opportunities and skills gained during their time in Oxford, and to honour George and Teresa Smith (former heads of department) for their hard work. The department is grateful to the friends for enabling it to recognise students’ hard work and achievement, and welcomes opportunities to engage former students in supporting our work.

Previous awards:

2015 - Minna Nurminen (Comparative Social Policy) and Matthew Fowle (Evidence-Based Social Intervention)

2014 - Joanne Cave (Comparative Social Policy) and Janina Steinert (Evidence-Based Social Intervention)

2013 - David Railton (Comparative Social Policy); Rahel Spath and Ben Verboom (Evidence-Based Social Intervention).

2012 - Balint Misetics  (Comparative Social Policy) and Nicholas Netto and Elona Toska (Evidence-Based Social Intervention).

2011  - Verena Stocker (Comparative Social Policy) and Sean Grant (Evidence-Based Social Intervention).

2010 - Andrew Hammond (Comparative Social Policy) and Becky Waller (Evidence-Based Social Intervention).

Barnett Prize

The department also awards an annual Barnett Prize for the best paper submitted.

Previous awards:

2013-14 - Ke Meng for The Political Logic of china's Pension Reform (1997-2010): A Formal Model and its Empirical Tests and Barabara Zarate Tenorio for Social Spending Responses to Organized Labour and Mass Protests in Latin America, 1970-2007.

2012-13 - Rebecca Waller for her paper with Professor Frances Gardner Parenting as predictor of callous unemotional traits in young people: a systematic review. The paper is now published in the Clinical Psychology Review.

2011-12 - Sean Grant, The Reporting Quality of Complex Social Intervention Trials: A Systematic Review of Reporting Guidelines and Trial Publications; and Rebecca Waller, Do harsh and positive parenting predict parent reports of deceitful-callous behaviour in early childhood?

2010-11 – Matt Morton, Empowerment-based non-formal education for Arab youth: A pilot randomised controlled trial