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In Memoriam Susan Field


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Former DSPI Librarian


Susan Field worked as a Librarian in the Department up until the Library closed. She was a trusted and valued member of the Department and many members of the Department have described how much they relied on her assistance for their research.  She will be greatly missed by many in the Department whom she befriended during her time here, and she will be remembered as the last DSPI Librarian.


Many colleagues have expressed their appreciation for Susan and their sadness at her passing.  

We received this tribute from Professor David Coleman, Associate Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Demography at DSPI:

I counted myself very lucky to have Susan Field as a colleague and friend in my many years in the Department. Susan was an invaluable help in my work.  As befits a Librarian, she was punctilious in her work and very well organized, making up for my defective memory and sloppy organization, reminding me of things needed to be done and anticipating tasks. She kept excellent records on which I came to rely. She was extremely obliging, often coming to my rescue when I discovered that I needed things to be done at the last minute. I shared her disappointment that the Department lost it Library function in the process of bureaucratic centralisation ordained from above.
Susan was the soul of kindness and her friendly old-fashioned formality was remarked upon by visitors; particularly helpful to those whom she knew were welcome, protective as appropriate when she knew to be cautious. That did not stop her enjoying the jokes and eccentricities with which she was regaled by some of my telephone callers. I missed her friendly company when she left the Department. I hope that her husband David will find consolation in the memory of all the things that they shared; dancing and the countryside, which he spoke about so memorably in his address at the funeral.


A tribute from Sharon Long, DSPI Events and Building Officer:

I started at Barnett House in 2004 and it was about a year later that the Library closed down. In that time I got to know Susan Field, she was a very kind, caring gentle Lady and will be sadly missed.

My thoughts are with all her family and friends.


A tribute to Susan Field from Professor Lucie Cluver:

I remember Susan well as our warm and encouraging librarian when I was a student in Social Work at Barnett House. She was always kind and supportive, and so knowledgable about the resources and books that would help us. She will be sadly missed, and we send all our best wishes to her family. 


A tribute to Susan Field from Kathy Walker, Departmental Finance Officer

Susan was a dear friend and colleague with a great sense of humour and fun and I know how much she enjoyed meeting students and her work in the Department Library.
I remember a time when the Department was asked to be The Department of Criminology in a TV episode of Morse.  We were given a temporary new brass plaque and curtains for the occasion.  Susan was asked by the film company if she could kindly stop moving the library curtains in an effort to tell us all what was happening during the filming.  Susan will be sadly missed by all who knew her.



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