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Systematic review of the psychometric properties of measures for child abuse and neglect - Protocol

Mental health in South African adolescents living with HIV: correlates of internalising and externalising symptoms.

European status report on preventing child maltreatment

Household economic strengthening through financial and psychosocial programming: Evidence from a field experiment in South Africa

Adaptation and psychometric properties of the ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool for use in trials (ICAST-Trial) among South African adolescents and their primary caregivers.

How Does Exposure to Violence Affect School Delay and Academic Motivation for Adolescents Living in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Communities in South Africa?

Multitype violence exposures and adolescent antiretroviral nonadherence in South Africa.

Can supportive parenting protect against school delay amongst violence-exposed adolescents in South Africa?

Sexual violence against children and adolescents in South Africa: making the invisible visible

Parenting for Lifelong Health: a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of a non-commercialised parenting programme for adolescents and their families in South Africa.

Lifetime and past-year prevalence of children's exposure to violence in 9 Balkan countries: the BECAN study.

Development of a Parenting Support Program to Prevent Abuse of Adolescents in South Africa: Findings From a Pilot Pre-Post Study

Psychometric properties of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Abuse Short Form (ACE-ASF) among Romanian high school students.

Longitudinal Predictors of Child Sexual Abuse in a Large Community-Based Sample of South African Youth.

HIV, violence, blame and shame: pathways of risk to internalized HIV stigma among South African adolescents living with HIV.

Researching violence with children: experiences and lessons from the UK and South Africa

Emotional abuse of girls in Swaziland: prevalence, perpetrators, risk and protective factors and health outcomes.

Associations between adolescent experiences of violence in Malawi and gender-based attitudes, internalizing, and externalizing behaviors.

Disclosure of physical, emotional and sexual child abuse, help-seeking and access to abuse response services in two South African Provinces.

Parenting, the other oldest profession in the world - a cross-sectional study of parenting and child outcomes in South Africa and Malawi.

Pathways From Family Disadvantage via Abusive Parenting and Caregiver Mental Health to Adolescent Health Risks in South Africa.

Sex in the shadow of HIV: A systematic review of prevalence, risk factors, and interventions to reduce sexual risk-taking among HIV-positive adolescents and youth in sub-Saharan Africa.

Measuring and monitoring national prevalence of child maltreatment: a practical handbook.

A parenting programme to prevent abuse of adolescents in South Africa: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Reducing child abuse amongst adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: A pre-post trial in South Africa.

Physical, emotional and sexual adolescent abuse victimisation in South Africa: prevalence, incidence, perpetrators and locations.

Achieving equity in HIV-treatment outcomes: can social protection improve adolescent ART-adherence in South Africa?

Can Social Protection Improve Sustainable Development Goals for Adolescent Health?

Factors Associated with Good and Harsh Parenting of Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents in Southern Africa

Structural drivers and social protection: mechanisms of HIV risk and HIV prevention for South African adolescents.

'HIV is like a tsotsi. ARVs are your guns': associations between HIV-disclosure and adherence to antiretroviral treatment among adolescents in South Africa.

Household illness, poverty and physical and emotional child abuse victimisation: findings from South Africa's first prospective cohort study.

Risk and Protective Factors for Physical and Emotional Abuse Victimisation amongst Vulnerable Children in South Africa

Risk and protective factors for physical and sexual abuse of children and adolescents in Africa: a review and implications for practice.

Social protection: potential for improving HIV outcomes among adolescents.

Transactional sex amongst AIDS-orphaned and AIDS-affected adolescents predicted by abuse and extreme poverty.

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