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Children and their Rights and Entitlements in EU Welfare States

Generations, age and life course: towards an integral social policy framework of analysis

The implications of the Departure of the UK for EU social policy

Family policy in high-income countries: Five decades of development

The European Semester and EU Social Policy

Asset-based approaches, older people and social care: An analysis and critique

Towards a theorization of the relationship between poverty and family

Money-Related Meanings and Practices in Low-Income and Poor Families


Introduction: Parenting Support in European Countries: A Complex Development in Social Policy

Parenting Support as Policy Field: An Analytic Framework

Parenting Support in England: The Bedding Down of a New Policy

Teppo Kröger and Sue Yeandle (eds.) (2014), Combining Paid Work and Family Care: Policies and Experiences in International Perspective. Bristol: Policy Press. £24.99, 264 pp., pbk.

Families and poverty: Everyday life on a low income

Family Policy

Poverty Through a Gender Lens: Evidence and policy review on gender and poverty. Working paper supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Poverty and social policy in Europe 2020: Ungovernable and ungoverned

Parenting support: Another gender-related policy illusion in Europe?

Caring for America: Home Health Workers in the Shadow of the Welfare State

Forced to Care: Coercion and Caregiving in America


Parenting support policies in Europe

Reshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter

Varieties of poverty reduction: Inserting the poverty and social exclusion target into Europe 2020

The concept of social care and the analysis of contemporary welfare states.

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