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Increases in Unlawful Homicides in Florida Following the Enactment of a "Stand Your Ground" Self-defense Law

Association Between Enactment of a "Stand Your Ground" Self-defense Law and Unlawful Homicides in Florida.

Questioning the application of risk of bias tools in appraising evidence from natural experimental studies: critical reflections on Benton et al., IJBNPA 2016.

Evaluating the Impact of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Self-defense Law on Homicide and Suicide by Firearm: An Interrupted Time Series Study.

Effects of new urban motorway infrastructure on road traffic accidents in the local area: a retrospective longitudinal study in Scotland.

Changing the environment to improve population health: a framework for considering exposure in natural experimental studies.

Liquor licensing or confounding events? Further questions about the interpretations of Menéndez et al. (2015).

Disclosure of Financial Conflicts of Interests in Interventions to Improve Child Psychosocial Health: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Do flexible alcohol trading hours reduce violence? A theory-based natural experiment in alcohol policy.

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