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Has the middle secured its share of growth or been squeezed?

The Median Versus Inequality-Adjusted GNI as Core Indicator of ‘Ordinary’ Household Living Standards in Rich Countries

GDP Per Capita Versus Median Household Income: What Gives Rise to the Divergence Over Time and how does this Vary Across OECD Countries?

Inequality and its discontents

The Great Recession, Austerity and Inequality: Lessons from Ireland

Intergenerational Class Mobility in Europe: A New Account


Generating Prosperity for Working Families in Affluent Countries

Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries Shared Challenges and Contrasting Fortunes

Rising Income Inequality and Living Standards in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Fare?

Social dialogue and inequality: Ireland

Low pay, in-work poverty and economic vulnerability

Economic Stress and the Great Recession in Ireland: The Erosion of Social Class Advantage

Poverty and Social Exclusion Indicators in the European Union: The Role of Non-Monetary Deprivation Indicators

Polarization or "Squeezed Middle" in the Great Recession?: A Comparative European Analysis of the Distribution of Economic Stress

Reducing poverty and inequality through tax-benefit reform and the minimum wage: the UK as a case-study

Tony Atkinson and His Legacy

Wealth, Top Incomes, and Inequality

Austerity and Inequality in Ireland.


Poverty and social exclusion in the European Union

The Great Recession and the changing intergenerational distribution of economic stress across income classes in Ireland: A comparative perspective

Children of Austerity Impact of the Great Recession on Child Poverty in Rich Countries

Atkinson's Inequality: What Can Be Done?

Hanging in, but only just: part-time employment and in-work poverty throughout the crisis

Job loss by wage level: lessons from the Great Recession in Ireland

Middle incomes in boom and bust: The Irish experience

Material Deprivation and Consumption

Disability and the labour market

Disability, social inclusion and poverty

The economics of disability: Insights from Irish research

The role of economic analysis in supporting disability policy

The Welfare State and Antipoverty Policy in Rich Countries

Crisis, response and distributional impact: the case of Ireland

Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries' Experiences

Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries Analytical and Comparative Perspectives

Income and wealth in the Irish longitudinal study on ageing

L'indicateur EU2020 de suivi de la pauvreté et de l'exclusion : une analyse critique

Multidimensional poverty measurement in Europe: An application of the adjusted headcount approach

The Economics of disability in Ireland

What use is 'social investment'?

Inequality in Europe: What can be done? What should be done?



Developing and Learning from EU Measures of Social Inclusion

Using Nonmonetary Deprivation Indicators to Analyze European Poverty and Social Exclusion

Wage inequality in Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" Boom


The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income

Dimensions of Housing Deprivation for Older People in Ireland

Household joblessness and its impact on poverty and deprivation in Europe

Poverty and Deprivation in Europe

Economic Inequality, Poverty, and Social Exclusion

Intragenerational Inequality and Intertemporal Mobility


The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality

Bas salaires et pauvreté au travail en Europe : une préoccupation croissante ?

The Economic Crisis, Public Sector Pay and the Income Distribution

The role of social institutions in intergenerational mobility

Inequality and the crisis: The distributional impact of tax increases and welfare and public sector pay cuts

Ireland: A successful minimum wage implementation?

The changing distribution of earnings in Ireland, 1937 to 1968

Using non-monetary deprivation indicators to analyze poverty and social exclusion: Lessons from Europe?

Low pay and household poverty during Ireland's economic boom

The EU and social inclusion: Facing the challenges

A dynamic model of the relationship between income and financial satisfaction: Evidence from Ireland

Eligibility for free GP care, "need" and GP visiting in Ireland.

The impact of disability transitions on social inclusion.

Housing Expenditures, Housing Poverty and Housing Wealth: Irish Home Owners Brian Nolan In Comparative Context

The interaction of public and private health insurance: Ireland as a case study

Evaluating the Introduction of a National Minimum Wage: Evidence from a New Survey of Firms in Ireland

Trends in economic vulnerability in the Republic of Ireland

Ireland's income distribution in comparative perspective

GP reimbursement and visiting behaviour in Ireland.

Welfare regimes and households income packaging in the European Union

Housing expenditures and income poverty in EU countries

Disability and labour force participation in Ireland

Equity in the utilisation of health care in Ireland

Inter-industry wage differentials in Ireland

Indicators and Targets for Social Inclusion in the European Union

Earnings inequality, returns to education and immigration into Ireland

Indicators for social inclusion

Social Indicators The EU and Social Inclusion

Income, deprivation, and economic strain an analysis of the European community household panel

Reassessing income and deprivation approaches to the measurement of poverty in the Republic of Ireland

Health insurance and health services utilization in Ireland.

Poverty within households: Measuring gender differences using nonmonetary indicators

Strategic interaction among hospitals and nursing facilities: the efficiency effects of payment systems and vertical integration.

Explaining Levels of Deprivation in the European Union

Persistent and consistent poverty in the 1994 and 1995 waves of the European community household panel survey

Targeting poverty: Lessons from monitoring Ireland's national anti-poverty strategy

A comparative perspective on trends in income inequality in Ireland

Equity in the delivery of health care in Europe and the US.

Socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular disease mortality; an international study.

Urban housing and the role of 'underclass' processes: The case of Ireland

Equity in the finance of health care: some further international comparisons.

The redistributive effect of health care finance in twelve OECD countries.

Redistributive effect, progressivity and differential tax treatment: Personal income taxes in twelve OECD countries

Occupational class and ischemic heart disease mortality in the United States and 11 European countries.

Returns to education in the Irish youth labour market

Rising wage inequality, returns to education and labour market institutions: Evidence from Ireland

Survey Information on Household Assets: Some Irish Lessons

Are married women more deprived than their husbands?

Segmented labour markets and earnings in Ireland

What has happened to replacement rates?

Measuring Poverty Using Income and Deprivation Indicators: Alternative Approaches

Poverty, Inequality and Reconstruction in South Africa

General practitioner utilisation in Ireland: the role of socio-economic factors.

Perinatal mortality and low birthweight by socio-economic background: evidence for Ireland

General practitioner visiting rates in Ireland by entitlement category.

Poverty dynamics in eight countries

Economic incentives, health status and health services utilisation.

Resources, deprivation and the measurement of poverty


Socio-economic mortality differentials in Ireland

Evaluating social welfare expenditures: how well does the system perform in reducing poverty?

Measuring trends in poverty over time: some robust results for Ireland 1980-87

Income inequality, living standards and intergenerational social mobility