Cambridge University Press Awards Winner for Excellence in Social Policy Scholarship

mary daly for web

Professor Mary Daly of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention has been awarded the annual 2020 CUP Award for Excellence in Social Policy Scholarship by the Social Policy Association for her article ‘Children and their Rights and Entitlements in European Welfare States’. 

In the paper Professor Daly adopts an EU wide lens to examine developments in income support policy, parenting-related leaves, early childhood education and care and children’s right to participation to see what they reveal about prevailing approaches to children. Her article was recognised for contributing significantly to further thinking and analysis of social policy by reviewing some of the existing conceptualisations and the latest relevant policy developments. 

Her paper identifies some strong moves towards a greater focus on children in social policy but suggests differentiating between three different approaches: family-oriented, childhood-oriented and child-oriented. These approaches differ in terms of whether their primary focus is on children or adults, whether they engage with children directly or indirectly, the set of entitlements involved and the desired outcome. 

Further information can be found at the Cambridge website.