About us

The Department of Social Policy and Intervention is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for research and teaching in social policy and the development and systematic evaluation of social interventions. We are the top-ranked Social Policy department in the UK, and third globally.

We carry out both applied and basic research and we are home to a global community of academics and researchers with a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including anthropology, economics, demography, psychology, political science, social policy, social work and sociology.

The Department’s research is international in outlook. We contribute extensively to academic debate through peer-reviewed publications and major research projects funded by research councils and non-profit organizations. Our work has had a significant impact on policy and practice, from the way in which government funds are allocated, to the delivery of local programmes. Our research explores seven themes.

Our graduate students are engaged in one of two study programmes: the study of comparative social policy - exploring welfare systems and policy developments across a range of different countries or the study of evidence-based social intervention and policy evaluation - learning about the development and evaluation of interventions to address public health and social problems.

The Department is also known as Barnett House; its history dates back to 1914.

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Barnett House