About Us

About us

DSPI is a global centre of excellence in its field. We deliver ground-breaking research and teaching in social policy, while developing and evaluating social interventions. 

With a rich history dating back to 1914, today we are home to an international community of world-leading academics and researchers. Our diverse team spans a range of disciplines, from anthropology, economics and demography to psychology, political science and sociology. 

Our work contributes extensively to academic debate. We have a significant impact on social policy and practice, though peer-reviewed publications and major research projects. Our research influences the social landscape, from the way government funds are allocated to the delivery of local programmes.   

We offer postgraduate and doctoral programmes in the study of comparative social policy and the study of evidence-based social intervention and policy evaluation. We also teach an option paper in Social Policy for undergraduates at the University studying either PPE, Human Sciences, or Modern History and Politics.

With a history spanning well over a century, a reputation for ground-breaking research and a portfolio of unrivalled graduate programmes, we stand proudly at the forefront of social policy and interventions in the UK and across the globe. Find out more in the sections below: