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2007(1): Tuukka Toivonen: Is Japanese Family Policy Turning Nordic? 

2007(2): Robert Walker & Sony Pellissery: Giants old and new: Promoting social security and economic growth in the Asia and Pacific Region 

2007(3): Young Jun Choi: Coming to a Standstill? A new theoretical idea of East Asian Welfare Regimes 

2007(4): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser: From Conservative to Liberal-Communitarian Welfare: Can the Reformed German Welfare State Survive? 

2007(5): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser & Antje Vetterlein: Rethinking Global Governance: Market Actors and Accountability 

2007(6): Mark Tomlinson, Robert Walker & Glenn Williams: Measuring Poverty in Britain as a Multi-Dimensional Concept, 1991 to 2003 

2007(7): Teresa Smith: From Educational Priority Areas to Area-Based Interventions: Community, Neighbourhood and Preschool 

2006(1): Sony Pellissery: Do public works programmes ensure employment in the rural informal sector? Examining the employment guarantee scheme in rural Maharashtra, India 

2006(2): Taekyoon Kim: Varieties of Welfare Control: A historical review on the changing contours of the state-voluntary relations in the Korean welfare context. To be published in 'International Sociology (2008). 

2006(3): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser & Timo Fleckenstein: Discourse, Learning and Welfare State Change: The case of German labour market reform 

2006(4): Timo Fleckenstein: Restructuring Welfare for the Long Term Unemployed: the case of Hartz Legislation in Germany