Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

DSPI has always championed, through its research, the voices and experiences of complex and marginalised individuals and organisations. We are committed to doing the same for our staff, students and partners through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Reflecting on how social processes such as systemic racism, hetero -and neuro-normativity, class, sexism, citizenship and religion shape life chances and opportunities, we especially want to encourage, support and learn from the experiences of individuals who self-identify as belonging to a minoritised group.

How we are supporting Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

Our EDI strategy embraces three broad interrelated areas of focus: Visibility, Voice, and Vocation.


Our visibility strategy focuses on celebrating and supporting everyone’s achievements, accomplishments and struggles, and ensuring that our overall approach to EDI is transparent. At the core of our visibility approach is the provision of a platform/space to make diverse journeys and pathways visible, to ensure that we all take and learn from one another, and that we grow and embed best practices based on this learning.


In terms of voice, we want to encourage everyone to be involved in departmental decision-making and agenda setting. We aim to provide a safe space for everyone’s voices to be heard and opportunities for their concerns to be raised and addressed. We all have a story, and we want to listen to yours. 


Our goal with regard to vocation is to be more inclusive, not just in terms of representation, but in terms of enabling all staff and students to feel empowered to develop and progress as they would wish. To this end, we will review, reflect and monitor our hiring, teaching, managing and research practices. We will also incorporate and embed best practices with regard to communication, training, consciousness raising and social interactions.

Athena Swan Award

We have a dedicated team working towards attaining a Bronze Award of the Athena Swan Charter. The Charter is a framework used worldwide to support and transform gender equality within higher education and research. You can find out more at The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter | Advance HE (advance-he.ac.uk).




The University and EDI

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Health and Wellbeing 

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