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Departmental Colloquia

Held fortnightly in termtime, our Departmental Colloquium is an opportunity to hear about a specific area of DSPI research, and to discuss it with colleagues from across the Department. Primarily for our own students and staff, but others are welcome to contact us to ask if you are interested in attending a particular event. 

Trinity 2020 List - online events

Hilary 2020 List

Michaelmas 2019 List

Trinity 2019 List

Hilary 2019 List

Michaelmas 2018 List

Trinity 2018 List

Hilary 2018 List

Michaelmas 2017 List.

Research Unit and Hub seminars

Our Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention and Oxford Institute of Social Policy seminars bring top researchers from around the University and the world to talk about their work. CEBI seminars are presented in Michaelmas Term, and OISP seminars in Hilary Term. Our cross-unit MethodsHub also presents interdisciplinary seminar series.

Hilary 2020: Austerity and Beyond? (OISP)

Michaelmas 2019 List (CEBI)

Hilary 2019: Social Policy beyond the West

Michaelmas 2018 List (CEBI)

Trinity 2018 List (MethodsHub)

Hilary 2018 List (OISP)

Michaelmas 2017 List (CEBI)

Sidney Ball Memorial Lecture

Barnett House instituted a special annual lecture soon after it was founded in 1914, and from 1920 these were named for the first chairman of the Barnett House Committee, Sidney Ball. A full list of past lectures can be found here. The event continues to be a highlight of the DSPI calendar, bringing a distinguished speaker to Oxford every autumn to discuss key themes in social policy and intervention.