Paper co-authored by Jamie Lachman and Frances Gardner explores effectiveness of parenting programme in Philippines

Family Welfare in Philippines

A new paper co-authored by Jamie Lachman and Frances Gardner considers the impact of parenting interventions and conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes, which are hoped to reduce the risk of violence against children. Published in The Lancet, the paper examines the effectiveness of these programmes for low- and middle-income families with children aged two to six in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Amongst the findings are clear indications of the effectiveness of these programmes, evidencedĀ inĀ the reduction in overall maltreatment, emotional abuse, physical abuse and neglect. The findings also highlight the importance of conducting formative work to culturally adapt interventions to new settings and offer evidence of the value of nesting programmes within existing social services.

You can read the article in full via Science Direct.