Students taking written exams will usually take these at the end of Trinity Term, during Week 9.

Students must ensure that they do not leave Oxford until their examinations have finished. MPhil students take their Qualifying Examinations in Trinity Term of year one, and in year two take a second option paper.

The Long Vacation 

The Long Vacation is the period after Trinity Term ends before the start of the new academic year in October. During this period students undertake their thesis research, either in Oxford or overseas (according to their topic). The MSc thesis has to be submitted by 15th August.

Examination Boards and Results

Examination Boards are generally held in early or mid-July and mid or end September.

Students should be available to return to Oxford if called back for a viva voce (an interview between the examiners and candidate usually called if the candidate is borderline between pass/fail or pass/distinction or, more rarely, where plagiarism is suspected).

Examination results are published as soon as possible after the examination board meetings.