Ani Movsisyan

Ani Movsisyan

My years at DSPI have been instrumental in providing important skills and framework necessary for understanding evidence practices and negotiations in public health. The multidisciplinary academic training and the network that I have received from Oxford have enabled me to engage with large international teams and collaborations to co-develop approaches in evidence-informed practices.  

I particularly valued the engaging intellectual community at DSPI and the ability to lead an independent research project with support and supervision from the top scholars in the field. The academic environment at DSPI is unique in its emphasis on deep exploration of complex research and policy questions, innovative methods and approaches, and support for young professionals aspiring to make an important contribution to social research and policy on national and global scales. My studies at DSPI have been foundational in shaping my academic and consulting careers.  

Since my studies as at DSPI, I have worked to support evidence-informed practices within public health and social care. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Munich, I work to develop methods and guidance for evidence synthesis, evidence integration, and evidence use in global public health guidelines, such as those produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). Over the last decade, I have also worked as a methodologist and consultant to WHO, supporting development of evidence-informed practice recommendations on issues related to maternal and newborn care and parenting. More recently, I consulted the WHO as part of their COVID-19 response and to help build an evidence ecosystem for better pandemic preparedness. 

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