Dr Ivana Dobrotić

Ivana Dobrotić is Marie Curie Fellow at Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Ivana’s research is focused on comparative social policy with a particular interest in care-related leave policies and services, early childhood education, gender and social inequalities. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Master in Social Work from the University of Zagreb (Croatia). She is a member of international research network International Network on Leave Policies and Research and the EU working group Work-life Balance Indicators.


Ivana has been working as Assistant Professor of Comparative Social Policy at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work, Social Policy Unit (Croatia). She was managing editor at Croatian Journal of Social Policy. Before joining the University of Zagreb, she worked as an expert in Croatian ministry in charge of poverty and social inclusion policies, and gender equality. She has been working as an expert or researcher on numerous projects related to different areas of social policy for Croatian government, EIGE platform, European Commission, Council of Europe, UNDP and UNICEF. In 2013-2018 period, she has been actively involved in family policymaking activities aimed to improve leave policies and the system of early childhood education and care in Croatia, advising on the regular basis the relevant ministries and other stakeholders.

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          English summary: https://mdomsp.gov.hr/UserDocsImages/Publikacije/Dobrotic%20Matkovic%20Menger%202018%20Summary%20in%20English.pdf

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