Dr Sylvie Dubuc

Sylvie Dubuc

Prof Sylvie Dubuc has a long-standing research carrier in the multi-disciplinary field of Population Studies, largely focusing on research around migration, family, gender, reproductive health and social inequality. After a long academic career in the UK, Sylvie has recently joined the university of Strasbourg, where she is professor of Population Studies and Chair of Excellence in Population dynamics and territories.

Sylvie completed her PhD in Human Geography at Paris-Sorbonne. She lectured at Kings College London before she worked for over 10 years in Oxford at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, where she was senior research fellow and PI. Sylvie has been a Nuffield College research associate, at Oxford for 6 years. Since 2017, she worked at the Department of Geography at Reading, where she was associate professor in population studies and post graduate research director in human geography, before joining the University of Strasbourg in January 2022. Sylvie is also affiliated to the French National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED).

She has held research grants from the ESRC, British Academy, Nuffield Foundation, Oxford University Press, the Wellcome Trust and Global Challenges Research Fund. She is leading a collaborative 3.5 years research project on childbearing and gender preferences in the UK funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (https://research.reading.ac.uk/son-preference-uk/), close to completion.

Sylvie has been serving on the Peer-review College of the ESRC since 2010. She served as Council member of the British Society for Population Studies from 2011 to 2015. She is grant assessor for a number of national and international funders and research councils, and often reviews for a variety of international journals in Population, Policy and Global Health research. Since 2021, Sylvie is serving on the editorial board of ‘Population’, the leading bilingual (English/French) journal in population research.

Recent publications include:

  • Dubuc S. (2021) Using one's home to self-fund ageing in Britain: implications of Equity Release for intergenerational justice and socio-spatial inequalities. Gérontologie et Société, 43165(2) :Ic-XXIIc.
  • Dubuc S. (2019) Préférence pour les garçons et sélection prénatale: causes, implications et féminisme. Pensées féministes ; vol. Les dominations masculines. Des origines aux antiféminismes, collection of Université des Femmes.
  • Dubuc S. and D. SIVIA (2018) Is sex ratio at birth an appropriate measure of prenatal sex selection? Findings of a theoretical model and its application to India. BMJ Global Health, Jul 2018, 3 (4) e000675; DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2017-000675
  • Dubuc S. (2018) ‘Fertility and education of British Asian women: a success story of social mobility?’, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2017 (Vol. 15), 269-291.
  • Dubuc S. (2018) ‘Son preference and fertility: an overview’ Chapter 2, in Family Demography in Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Fertility Preferences’ eds by S. Basten, J. Casterline, and Minja Choe. Edward Elgar publisher. Pps 15-29
  • Dubuc S. 2017. The geographical factors of rural dynamisms: A multi-scale analysis of socio-demographic and economic changes in Aveyron et Lozère. Editions Universitaires Européennes (in French). 311 p. ISBN: 978-3-639-52517-5. (Link Researchgate)
  • Unnithan M. and S. Dubuc (2017) ‘Re-visionning evidence: Reflections on the recent controversy around gender selective abortion in the UK’, Journal of Global Public Health. 13: 742-753
  • Dubuc S. (2016) ‘Immigrants and ethnic fertility convergence in the UK: the role of global fertility transition and intergenerational social integration’, chapter 5, Changing population of Britain, edited by Tony Champion and Jane Falkingham. Rowan Littlefield International Editions.