Heidi Stoeckl


Following an MSc in Sociology at the University of Oxford, Nuffield College in 2006, Heidi completed her DPhil in Evidence Based Social Intervention in 2009, funded by a Rhodes Scholarship. For her DPhil, supervised by Professor Frances Gardner and Professor Ann Buchanan, Heidi conducted the first prevalence study on intimate partner violence during pregnancy in Germany.

Heidi is a Lecturer at the Gender Violence and Health Centre in the Department of Global Health and Development at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an Honory Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine at the University of Witwatersrand. She currently holds a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. The focus of Heidi’s research is the prevalence, health effects and risk factors of intimate partner violence, interventions addressing intimate partner violence and vertical transmission of HIV, human trafficking and intimate partner homicide and femicide.

Heidi says,

“My DPhil experience in Barnett House was crucial for my career in academia, as I acquired methodological skills and a level of critical thinking that I still draw on in my current work. I especially appreciated my close relationship with my supervisors and other members of the department, which was based on support, encouragement and respect.”