Poverty in All its Forms: Determining the dimensions of poverty and how to measure them with people who experience it

Project outline


The project seeks to facilitate and advance global thinking about the nature and measurement of the dimensions of poverty through engaging the international policy community with the experiences, views and reasoning of people facing poverty in diverse cultural and development settings.  By prioritising the knowledge of people in poverty but directly merging this with scientific understanding and the perspectives of practitioners and the general public, the research seeks uniquely able to foster a common view as to:

1. The dimensions of poverty: their salience and relative importance in different contexts; and the extent to which they are complementary (additive) or substitutable (with trade-offs between certain dimensions)

2. The implications of these findings for:
a) Existing understandings of poverty and its constituent dimensions
b) The development of appropriate policy responses, and
c) The specification of comparable national poverty measures and indicators.