A 'Supertracker' to improve social policy monitoring during the COVID-19 crisis


In the context of COVID-19, numerous organisations have produced policy trackers and datasets to allow policy-makers and researchers to follow and evaluate policy changes across the world. In order to address information overload, this project creates a supertracker that gives immediate access to all existing policy trackers, datasets and surveys.

The Oxford COVID-19 'Supertracker' offers users the option of searching and filtering relevant sources. Through direct engagement with providers and users of policy trackers, the project also helps propose concrete actions to solve informational gaps in existing policy trackers and create synergies between them.

Access the latest version of the tool on the project website: supertracker.spi.ox.ac.uk

The project builds on and extends the original 'Covid19policytrackers', - a supertracker of policy trackers - compiled since late March 2020 by Lukas Lehner. It aims to:

  • scale up the scope and visibility of "Covid19policytrackers" in order to make it the go-to portal where policy-makers and stakeholders can get direct access to relevant information sources across different areas (e.g. development, macroeconomic, education, healthcare, and social policy).
  • maximise user-friendliness: The project will transform and expand the platform, making it a professionally designed Oxford-based website with multiple functionalities and tools for data exploration.
  • partner up with the producers and users of existing data sources on COVID-19 social policy to identify important informational gaps and potential synergies and to propose concrete actions to address these.

Other planned outputs of the project include a webinar on existing policy trackers, a policy brief on addressing information gaps in existing policy trackers and a project report.

Visit the project website for the latest findings and 'Supertracker' tool access: supertracker.spi.ox.ac.uk