Dr Rossella Ciccia wins EJPG Best Article Award

rossella ciccia

DSPI Associate Professor of Social Policy Dr Rossella Ciccia has been awarded the European Journal of Politics and Gender (EJPG) 2022 Best Article Award. 

Dr Ciccia’s work entitled Unpacking intersectional solidarity: dimensions of power in coalitions was co-authored with Dr Conny Roggeband at the University of Amsterdam. The article offers an original framework of intersectional solidarity that puts at the centre of the analysis the relationship between diverse social struggles and inequalities. By focusing on the interplay between discursive and material dimensions of power, it identifies four types of intersectional solidarity, and shows that transformative forms require strategies that alter the framing of issues, the way resources are shared and the forms of deliberation and representation. The usefulness of this typology is illustrated by means of secondary analysis of coalition work developed around reproductive justice and domestic workers’ rights. 

The EJPG Best Article Award is presented annually for the best paper published in the journal in the previous year. The judges singled out the work by Dr Ciccia and Dr Roggeband as the finest of a range of articles selected by the EJPG Editorial Team for their originality, rigour and excellent scholarship. The authors were commended for ‘their conceptual contribution that is key to the intersection of feminist activism and public policies.’ The judges lauded the article for opening avenues for future research, stating that it ‘provides a roadmap for researchers’ and ‘will also be useful in teaching intersectionality, as it answers questions students have regarding how to do intersectionality’. As a result of the award, the article is now free to access at Bristol University Press

“Studying coalition-building and solidarity across social division is vital to find new collective responses to the current backlash against gender equality, while also producing transformative political visions that advance the fight against all forms of oppression”, Rossella Ciccia said, adding that “she is delighted by this award, and looks forward to continue developing her work on these topics”. 

Dr Ciccia's research interests lie in the field of comparative social policy with a particular focus on issues relating to social inequalities, gender, care and paid work in Europe and Latin America. She is Co-Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics and the recipient in 2020 of the Emma Goldman award in recognition of the substantial contributions of her research to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe.