Brian Nolan and Juan Palomino contribute to special edition of Journal of European Social Policy

espa 31 5 cover

Two members of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Professor Brian Nolan, Professor of Social Policy, and Dr Juan C. Palomino, Postdoctoral Research Officer, have contributed to a special edition of the Journal of European Social Policy, entitled Social Policy and Wealth. 

This special edition has been guest edited by Professors Nolan and Ive Marx, who have also written the introduction, How wealth matters for social policy. 

The journal is available at Sage Journals and the abstract reads:

This special issue looks at wealth in relation to social policy from a variety of perspectives. The articles all shed an innovative light on wealth in relation to a range of topics relevant for social policy researchers. This introduction provides an overview of the papers in this special issue and then highlights some of the gaps and shortcomings that remain. We conclude with some reflections on what this means for the future of social policy and research on it. 

Professor Nolan and Dr Palomino have also co-written an article, along with Professor Philippe van Kerm, entitled Inheritance, gifts and the accumulation of wealth for low-income households. The article can be read in full at Sage Journals.