Professor Mary Daly’s new book joins prestigious Oxford Handbooks series

The Oxford Handbook of Family Policy Over The Life Course

Mary Daly, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at DSPI, is lead editor of a major new publication, The Oxford Handbook of Family Policy: A Life-Course Perspective, which forms part of the prestigious Oxford Handbooks series.

With 48 chapters, running to over 1,000 pages, this comprehensive collection takes a life course perspective to examine the relationship between family and social policy in modern welfare states over time and place. Three main stages of the life course are examined: cohabitation, marriage and starting a family; the years of parenting, care and employment; transitions into later phases of life. It provides a multidisciplinary analysis of family needs and policy alternatives and offers a panoramic view of family-related trends and issues as they relate to current policies.

Oxford Handbooks include authoritative surveys of original research in a particular subject area. They feature critical examinations from leading figures in the discipline, providing a foundation for future research and offering compelling new perspectives.

The book was co-edited by Professor Birgit Pfau-Effinger of the University of Hamburg, Professor Neil Gilbert of UC Berkeley, and Professor Douglas J. Besharov of the University of Maryland.