Barnett Papers in Social Research

The Department publishes a working paper series, Barnett Papers in Social Research. This series gives Graduate Research Students and faculty members, as well as distinguished visitors to the Department, the opportunity to “pre-publish" high quality research on the Department's webpages in a timely manner. The Barnett Papers have proven to be an effective tool to disseminate findings to stakeholders and to influence policy debate.

Collaborative and transdisciplinary papers are highly encouraged. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor of the series Dr Erzsebet Bukodi in Word format. Intending authors should check the Barnet Paper Working Guidelines for submitting papers.

Archive of Barnett Papers

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2007(1): Tuukka Toivonen: Is Japanese Family Policy Turning Nordic?

2007(2): Robert Walker & Sony Pellissery: Giants old and new: Promoting social security and economic growth in the Asia and Pacific Region

2007(3): Young Jun Choi: Coming to a Standstill? A new theoretical idea of East Asian Welfare Regimes

2007(4): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser: From Conservative to Liberal-Communitarian Welfare: Can the Reformed German Welfare State Survive?

2007(5): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser & Antje Vetterlein: Rethinking Global Governance: Market Actors and Accountability

2007(6): Mark Tomlinson, Robert Walker & Glenn Williams: Measuring Poverty in Britain as a Multi-Dimensional Concept, 1991 to 2003

2007(7): Teresa Smith: From Educational Priority Areas to Area-Based Interventions: Community, Neighbourhood and Preschool

2006(1): Sony Pellissery: Do public works programmes ensure employment in the rural informal sector? Examining the employment guarantee scheme in rural Maharashtra, India

2006(2): Taekyoon Kim: Varieties of Welfare Control: A historical review on the changing contours of the state-voluntary relations in the Korean welfare context.To be published in 'International Sociology (2008).

2006(3): Martin Seeleib-Kaiser & Timo Fleckenstein: Discourse, Learning and Welfare State Change: The case of German labour market reform

2006(4): Timo Fleckenstein: Restructuring Welfare for the Long Term Unemployed: the case of Hartz Legislation in Germany

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