Applying insights and principles from implementation science in the real world

An event in the Michaelmas term Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention seminar series. No booking necessary, but please arrive early to guarantee a seat.

Implementation science – the trans-disciplinary science of delivering effective human services - is making increasing inroads into traditional fields of research and evaluation. Developing theory and accumulating evidence highlights a number of in-principle features that characterise successful implementation and innovation initiatives. However, real world programmes - whether new innovations or existing models -  are generally not designed with implementation science principles in mind.  What kind of challenges does this raise for researchers who want to use an implementation lens in their approach? 

This talk will draw examples from the Colebrooke Centre’s work with particular focus on two recent projects undertaken with an implementation lens: One an implementation study to sit alongside an RCT of outcomes of a new framework for safeguarding assessment and analysis in local authority children’s services; and the other an improvement project for a group-delivered parenting support intervention, focusing on strengthening the theory of change and sharpening the implementation model. Challenges encountered, and some solutions to be discussed will include: Lack of specification of the operational model and what to do about it, widely varying implementation models across teams and sites and how that affects data quality and analysis, and lack of formal articulation of the theory of change and how to co-create one.