Conceptualising the relationship between children and social policy

An event in our Hilary Term 2018 Departmental Colloquium series.

This presentation problematises the conceptualisation and treatment of children in and by social policy. The presentation proceeds through the following steps. The first undertakes a survey of some of the main concepts relevant to the field of child policy, including children’s rights, child protection, child poverty, child welfare, and child well-being. The conceptual overview confirms that there are different concepts in play, each with its own particular field of application and interest, and that it is possible to take insights from them to develop a clear, theoretically embedded but also differentiated understanding of child-centred policy. The emerging theoretical insights are then taken forward to survey and evaluate recent policy developments in Europe. We take a Europe-wide canvas because any single system analysis cannot represent the breadth of perspectives characterising the field of child policy

The colloquium is followed by 'Barnett House Thursday' - coffee and conversation in the Common Room.