Family changes and incipient political responses in a context of high inequalities: Latin America before and since COVID | Merike Blofield

Latin America has the world’s highest out-of-wedlock births, high rates of lone motherhood, and high rates of child poverty. What -if anything-have governments done over the past two decades to promote gender-equal family policies and reduce child poverty? This presentation outlines social changes in families in the context of high socio-economic inequalities, highlighting the (understudied) role of fathers. It will then focus on a conceptual and empirical overview of policy responses, and discuss both potential causes as well as implications for the current COVID crisis and its aftermath

About the Speaker:


Merike Blofield is since January 2020 Director of the Institute of Latin American Studies at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies, and Professor of Political Science at the University of Hamburg. Prior to this she was Professor of Political Science and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Miami. Dr. Blofield’s research focuses on the intersection of socio-economic, gender and family inequalities and the policy process in Latin America. Most recently she co-authored a report on government social protection measures in the wake of COVID-19 for the Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC-CEPAL).

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