The New Politics of Welfare: Towards an “Emerging Markets” Welfare State Regime

An event in our Hilary Term 2018 Departmental Colloquium series.

In this talk, Erdem Yörük will introduce his ongoing ERC project and present some preliminary results. The project, Emerging Welfare (, is a multimethod and interdisciplinary comparative welfare study. It first explores the contemporary global welfare regime structure, by analyzing emerging markets as well as OECD countries. Then, it focuses on the political factors of recent welfare state development in emerging markets, which arguably caused the formation of a new welfare state regime. The project builds separate databases for welfare and political protest and then employs quantitative and qualitative methods to describe and explain the new welfare state regime. After shortly describing the project, Dr. Yörük will present the results of a global welfare regime cluster analysis, which illustrates a new emerging markets welfare state cluster in addition to Liberal and European clusters. 

The colloquium is followed by 'Barnett House Thursday' - coffee and conversation in the Common Room.