Startups as social risks in Finland

An event in our Michaelmas Term 2018 colloquia series. 

Finland is currently experiencing a startup boom. Startups are companies that can experience rapid growth, possibly turning their founders into millionaires. However, most startups fail within the first years, leaving their founders without a job and possibly in debt. Consequently, startups carry high risks. Over the last decade, especially young Finns increasingly set up software startups. This study explores this trend from a life-course perspective. Such a perspective focuses on developments over time, capturing how people set up a startup, run it, and deal with its possible failure. Moreover, it outlines social inequalities in this development. Findings refine scientific theories, showing who the winners and the losers of the Finnish startup boom are. Policymakers can use this information for early intervention, mitigating social risks right as they emerge.

Event followed by coffee in the Common Room.