Alisa Brown

Alisa holds a BA in Politics from Durham University. Her research interests are the substantive representation of Ethnic Minorities and increasing low-income students' participation in Higher Education.

An active member of Oxford University politics, Alisa was recently elected Vice President of the Student Union, representing, supporting, and creating commutes for all 25,000 Oxford students. Specifically, Alisa oversees Activities and Communities within the University and uses her research skills in the job; SU reports are due to be published within the 24-25 academic year.

Previous experience in research includes being a Laidlaw Research Scholar using custom dictionaries and sentiment analysis to uncover whether descriptive representation (of ethnic groups) is important in the House of Commons and a former Data Analyst (Executive Assistant) in the Government Statistical Service (Department for Education) having worked on longitudinal research of disadvantaged children in the Early Years.

Currently working on her MSc thesis, under the supervision of Dr Andrew Barclay, about the effectiveness of summer schools as an intervention for low-income students to enter elite universities.

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