Alistair Leitch

Alistair is a DPhil student in Social Policy here in the department, a member of Jesus College, and is funded by the department’s Centenary Scholarship (an opportunity he is both humbled by and grateful for).

Before starting his DPhil here in Michaelmas Term 2017, Alistair studied Social Policy and Social and Economic History at The University of Edinburgh; graduating with First-Class Honours in July 2014. He then completed his MSc in Comparative Social Policy here at Barnett House in 2015/16 as a member of Linacre College.

Alistair’s main research interests concern labour market policy in advanced economies. Some topics of particular interest to him include; comparative political economy, social citizenship, human capital development, activation policies, social assistance, the capability approach, street-level bureaucracy theory, the relationship between labour market policy and other policy areas, and poverty.

Alistair’s DPhil is supervised by Professor Mary Daly.