Dr Amrit Virk

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Amrit Virk is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Her research focuses on health systems and policy in low- and middle-income countries, spanning work across South Asia (India), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore), and West Africa (Sierra Leone and Nigeria). Amrit’s mainly uses qualitative and participatory approaches in her work on a range of topics including health policy and institutional innovations, the politics of health care reform, health system resilience, and more recently, youth populations in post-conflict settings.

Dr. Virk has previously worked in a research and advisory capacity at the University of Leeds, NTU Singapore, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and Thammasat University, Thailand. She has a background in Social Policy (DPhil, University of Oxford), Sociology (MPhil, University of Cambridge), Political Science (MA University of Delhi), and Journalism (BA Hons., University of Delhi).

Dr. Virk is an Academic Visitor with DSPI between January and August 2024.